The Adventures of Lyle Little

Lyle Little is fully animated 3D children's book available for iPhone and iPad. Lyle Little offers many innovative features such as three distinct reading levels, four different narrators, and three fun mini-games! Watch Lyle go on a crazy adventure to fulfill his desire to be tall. Interactive with Lyle, Melvin and a whole collection of characters by downloading Lyle Little today!

FishyTale Digital

Creativity Inspired

Providing vibrant, fun, interactive content, FishyTale, draws in young minds, while our software works to help build emotional, creative and reading skills, and because our story’s comprehension levels grow as the reader’s skill sets do, they never get old.

The result is an experience you can count on to set your child’s mind in motion and help to develop independent reading and comprehension mastery, while enhancing critical thinking skills.


FishyTale’s mission is to create content conversion software and systems that can be used to create interactive and 3D user adjustable educational experiences that are so compelling that kids are not only drawn away from video games to reading and education but also create emotional connections to the characters and stories.

Guiding Principles

Enhance Learning

FishyTale series such as “The Adventures of Little Lyle Little,” and “The Bugg Books,” allow kids to enter rich, interactive worlds, engaging with characters in ways that ignite the imagination and enhance reading and learning.

Fuel Imagination

Kids are born with great imaginations and a strong desire to learn and explore. The staff at FishyTale embrace this wholeheartedly and design every experience from the ground up to engage and inspire young minds.

Connect with Children

We tell exciting, emotional stories, the kinds of stories kids want to read again and again. In addition, we inspire kids to think about real issues, such as the consequences of bullying and the power of friendship.

As an educator for more than twenty-six years, I am at a point in my career where learning about innovative ideas and products, that would enhance the experience for my students and promote progress, is now a must. Frustration is setting in over using the same old tired methods, while students are racing forward with technology and losing interest in the classroom. FishyTale’s technology is a means to bridge that gap.

– Philadelphia, PA area elementary school teacher Lea DiRusso.

Coming Soon


Snugg N. Flitter is an amazing little Bugg, as fearless as any little Bugg in Buggville could be but only in the daylight. As the sun sets causing the shadows to grow so does his fear of those mysterious creatures of the dark. With the help of the friends and family, Snugg ventures into the shadows to discover that those he feared were only shadows in his mind.

Merry Widow

On the far side of Buggville lives a mysterious lady bugg who everyone calls the Merry Widow. She talks to few if any Buggs at all spending most of her days wandering seemingly looking for something she never finds. Vee-Dubb and his best Bugg friend, Glance, have deducted that she surely must be spy. Through a series of delightful misadventures, they learn the gentle and sad truth about their new friend, the Merry Widow.

Fly Baby Fly

A delightful tale of a little winged Bugg called Frizzel who doesn’t believe she can fly — so she doesn’t. With the help of Snugg and the other Buggs from Buttonwood School in Buggville, she puts wing to the title of this delightful Bugg Book.

About The Author

Stephen Cosgrove

Stephen Cosgrove is an Internationally acclaimed children’s author and the writer of the award-winning Bugg Books. Over the years Stephen has written well-over 300 books ranging from picture books (“Serendipity Series” / “Bugg Books”) for younger children to young adult novels. He has sold upwards of 3 million books by creating interesting, fun and affordable books that contained a moral in each story. To the delight and distraction of his wife, Celia, Stephen's imagination is constantly engaged in the magic of storytelling.

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