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Although each Oxford House is independently owned and is run democratically, they all are supposed to operate under the same general principles, Sterling said. Residents at her Irving, Texas, house have to have sponsors, hold down jobs, work a recovery program and participate in support groups. Any resident who uses drugs or alcohol or brings a guest into the house who uses drugs or alcohol gets evicted. I recently moved into Real Recovery and I have been very impressed! I came from a sober living situation in St. Pete but moved back home to Bradenton.

They provide individuals with relatable experiences and insights into the challenges and triumphs of overcoming addiction. These stories serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, showing individuals that recovery is possible and attainable. He ended up back at his friends (I tracked him), so I was able to sleep that night. When he came home, he said he tried to get in the night before. Then he said he was going to call his cousin to see about going to a Super Bowl party later that day.

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Holland’s journey is a powerful illustration of the transformative influence of self-awareness and conscious decision-making. Katy Perry, born in 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, has become a pop sensation known for her chart-topping tracks and captivating stage performances. Despite her worldwide acclaim and musical achievements, Perry faced her inner struggles, including bouts of depression and alcohol use. These personal challenges prompted a deep introspection and a renewed focus on the vital mental health arena. This transformative decision not only revitalized his career, allowing him to continue to grace the silver screen with his talent, but it also profoundly enriched his personal life.

Soon, I drank daily in isolation, hiding the quantity of my drinking from my wife, secretly replenishing the supply in the liquor cabinet with bottles I hid elsewhere. I still didn’t think I had a problem with alcohol since I had never missed a day of work and continued to excel in my profession. I was unhappy and disinterested in our marriage, and my attention started to wander. I had a brief extramarital affair that lasted a couple of days while I was on vacation in 2003. It all happened while the children played together outside on the beach. They asked me if I had a problem with alcohol, which I flat out denied.


I rarely participated in the children’s activities. My wife, who I believe was also unhappy, frequently left the young children with me for me to supervise while she went shopping or got together with her neighborhood friends. That gave me the opportunity to easily drink at home without needing to hide.

sober success stories

I was very lucky in some ways that it was Dry January. I did lots of googling and found the Alcohol Change UK website which had lot of Nutrition Guide For Addiction Recovery online resources. I created my Instagram page @soberdave and decided to share my journey, the highs, the lows, the complete truth.

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Studies also show racial bias makes it harder for Black and Hispanic Americans to find treatment. People in rural areas tend to have less access to health care. Researchers say this data — and this lived experience — contradicts a widespread misperception that substance-use disorder is a permanent affliction and often fatal. “Things that I thought I would never gain again, through the process of recovery I have them all,” she said. “Today I’m a homeowner, I own a car, I started my own business.” But in a pattern researchers say is common, Mable-Jones’ illness eventually eased.

sober success stories

As my older brothers went off to high school, I again felt isolated and alone. As soon as I drank, I became a different person. That, to me, was freedom – but it later became prison. Prior to getting sober, I was kind of just lost. I knew I wanted to do things and I would start to do things, but there was never any follow-through.

Recovery Success Stories to Inspire You

CRAFT wasn’t one of them until late last year though my research was trending in that direction. We really have done and seen it all, but CRAFT was the first time we were able to bridge the gap between tough love and keeping in contact. My daughter says I saved her life, and she seems really grateful and is in a good place. She is buying our old car from us and making payments.

  • I still didn’t think I had a problem with alcohol since I had never missed a day of work and continued to excel in my profession.
  • Kelly co-authored a peer-reviewed study published last year that found roughly 22.3 million Americans — more than 9% of adults — live in recovery after some form of substance-use disorder.
  • You’ll see clearly that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and that anyone can become addicted.

Landmark Recovery was founded with a determination to make addiction treatment accessible for all. Through our integrated treatment programs, we’ve helped thousands of people choose recovery over addiction and get back to life on their own terms. We’re on a mission to save one million lives over the next century. We encourage all those struggling with substance use to seek professional help. Yes, Lift Off Recovery works with many insurance providers to help individuals access the care they need.

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